Absolut Art Apartment Berlin | Foto: Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Absolut Art
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«I think the art market is fantastic.»

Nahema Mehta, CEO of Absolut Art, talks about Berlin, the art market – and shares some tips on how to start collecting art.

Norbert Bayer: Dear Nahema Mehta, how did you choose the artists for this exhibition of the Berlin edition of Absolut Art?
Nahema Mehta: In every city we go into we partner with local curators on the ground and work with them collaboratively to choose the artists that we think represent the city. In Berlin we partnerned with Francesca Gavin and Nadim Samman here.
What was different in Berlin than in other cities?
I love Berlin – there is an incredible balance between historical relevance and unconventional thinking – you can see that tension in all of these works. That for me is spectacular, and unique to Berlin – it’s what’s made Berlin not only an art-hub that the culturely curious always want to come back to – myself included.
When have you been to Berlin for the first time?
Oh my godness, when I was ten, eleven. I grew up in Belgium in Antwerp, so not so far away. I think when I had came to Berlin for the first time, it was even more raw, not so built out, but that spirit still exists.
We hope to cultivate it…
You do! You don’t hope, you accomplish!