Life in Franconia as seen through a window of Kunstpalais Erlangen which shows an exhibition by Juergen Teller | Photo: Norbert Bayer
Archeological & Archival, Photography, Visual & Iconic

Enjoy your life, Juergen Teller & Franconia!

Juergen Teller, who opens a show in April at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, was born in Erlangen where he has an exhibition at Kunstpalais Erlangen which is still on display there. 

It’s an intimate show dedicated to his mother Irene, his family and friends and the area he comes from: Franconia. The exhibition is defined by a simple set-up which underlines the private and easy-going approach of both the artworks and the show. It touches on all the different fields Juergen Teller works in: Fashion photography, personal portraits, conceptual works and the mise-en-scène of stars.