Evripidis Sabatis of «Evripidis and His Tragedies» | Foto: Daniel Riera
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«Through pain I learned to be more empathic with other people, I learned to forgive, I learned to let go, I learned to heal myself.»

Singer-songwriter Evripidis Sabatis of «Evripidis and His Tragedies» from Barcelona, who has just released his third album «Futile Games In Space And Time» speaks about teenage dramas, queer love, his roots and his ambitions and explains what he likes and dislikes about Berlin.

Norbert Bayer: Hello Evripidis! Are you ready?

Evripidis Sabatis: Yes, I am.

Where are you right now?

At home, in the district of Poble Nou in Barcelona. I have many plants, drawings and books around me. Outside the window there is a patio full of plants, some of them quite huge.

Are you home a lot or always on the run between different places?

I used to be on the run for years, never resting, but now I am well installed in Barcelona, finally at a place I can call home. So nowadays I like spending a lot of time indoors.

Which means that you’re more up to futile games in time now than in spaces?

I believe that right now I might be playing a game that is not futile, at least not as futile as other ones I have been engaged to… ’Cause at the end of the day we all going to perish, right?

That’s right.

My point of view in things remains the same anyway – everything is futile and every experience is necessary and valuable.

But nevertheless in the song «15 Again» from your new album «Futile Games In Space And Time» you refer to the dream of wanting to be a teenager again. Did you have a happy time as teenager?

As a teenager I had a mixed time: Sometimes I felt utterly miserable and alienated and ugly, sometimes it was pure fun. The song is not about wanting to be a teenager again, it is about feeling things in the intense, hormone-fueled way that teenagers do, with all the buzzing and the drama.

Do you think that works the same way for gay people? Or are you idealizing here? GLBTI-teenagers are still more suicidal than others, for example.